WhoisProtection.cc is a whois privacy service which help to shield domain registrant actual information from being see publicly. This is necessary to avoid unethical spammer and online fraudster from retrieving registrant information for spamming or interior motives such as identify thief.

Subscriber of WhoisProtection service will have their actual Whois information replaced by WhoisProtection’s alternate set of information. The alternate information merely replaced the registrant detail when a public WHOIS search is done on the domain name. It however, will not change the domain ownership.

The only way to contact the domain registrant is by accessing to whoisprotection.cc page and submits the intended message via its online form, which will be relayed to the actual registrant.

However, should you need to lodge a complaint about the domain registrant, you may write to us here or directly compliant to the domain registrar which the domain is registered. WhoisProtection